Sealcoating | What It Is And Why You Should Consider It

Asphalt pavement is constantly under the pressure of rain, U.V. rays, and chemicals, all of which work to degrade the binder (the asphalt cement that holds together the rock/stone/gravel), which in turn will degrade the entirety of the asphalt, leading to a surface that will turn brittle.

Maintaining pavement by sealcoating will do wonders to extending the life of your parking lot or driveway.

Sealcoating creates a protective layer that blocks out the elements: water, oils, U.V. rays. Its sealing of the asphalt pavement prevents oxidation and erosion.

If the paver applies the sealcoating according to the manufacturerís specifications, then your pavement will end up with a black finish that makes your parking lot or driveway look good as new, not to mention slip-resistant.

Sealcoats are liquid formations that can be applied by brush, spray, or squeegee, keeping small cracks from growing and preventing the elements from getting below the surface.

Why You Should Consider It

If you wish to save money on your pavement, then it pays to opt for a sealcoating program that will consistently maintain your parking lot or driveway.

It is a much cheaper option than simply waiting until a full pavement replacement is necessary, costing only pennies per square foot for maintenance (replacement/repair, on the other hand, costs dollars per square foot).

It is truly a worthwhile, cost-effective investment that will add years to your pavementís life.

Deciding your sealcoating program varies by type and time. Not every driveway or parking lot is the same, so an assessment from Road Readie Paving is necessary to find the best option for your pavementís needs.

See below some of our general estimates.

If you are sealcoating a parking lot for your commercial business, we recommend that you sealcoat 1-2 years after installation, and then once every 4-5 years after. By doing so, you can get about 15-20 years of life out of your asphalt paving.

If you are sealcoating a residential driveway, we recommend that you sealcoat once every 3-4 years.

When it comes to pavement, maintenance is always preferable to replacement. Sealcoating keeps the degradation small and controllable and, in the end, much less costly. It is a long-term investment. Whether you need to maintain your residential driveway or your businessí parking lot, sealcoating is the way to go.

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