Get Your Driveway Ready For Winter

Road Readie Paving enjoyed a very busy paving season this year and we were pleased to work for so many homeowners and commercial businesses in Simcoe County.

Fall is a great time to relax with friends, enjoy the fall colours, and put things around the house in order.

This includes getting your driveway ready for winter!

Make sure you clear leaves away from driveway edges / channels that are used to drain surface water. Winter precipitation often freezes and thaws so you want to keep water flowing to the road. You don't want water to back-up and freeze on your driveway creating slippery unsafe black ice.

Look around your driveway and make sure shrubs are protected, especially if they likely to be buried in snow banks throughout the season. Wrapping shrubs in burlap or landscaping fabric can prevent damage to branches from snow.

Take stock of your snow removal tools. If you're fortunate to have a snowblower, run a maintenance check on it to make sure it's ready to go. Otherwise, make sure your shovel is in good shape and that you have snow melt compound at hand for ice spots and stairs.

Give your driveway a quick inspection. Now is the time to give it a wash and clean any oil or stains. If you have some cracking, keep an eye on it. You might need to replace or repair it in the spring.

By:Chris Ferreri

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